Does it ever stop!?

Do you ever notice how you can be sick or really busy or whatever and things around you like house work and kids and husbands and the phone just never stop. It does not matter how prepared or unprepared you are because nothing changes. I have been sick this past week and on the 4th day I was finally able to get out of bed and the house was a mess, my husband needed things from me, my family was calling with questions and asking me to make things, and normally this would never be a problem. However since I have been “down” with the flew and finally feeling better I feel overwhelmed with everyone’s request. It’s hard to just take a minute and breathe to process everything but that in itself can feel like a task sometimes. Even if you haven’t been sick or whatever we all really need to just chill sometimes. I know that sounds silly and it does to me to even typing this right now but its true. If we cant center our selves how are we supposed to face all the things that just won’t stop coming at us.

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