Oops! :)

So today Betsi and I had a play date for the daycare kids! Where they got to enjoy a soapy sea adventure! Basically we filled a tub up with washable colored water and a ton of dish soap and we hid some plastic toys in the water for the kids to find. They had a blast and afterward they were covered in soap but laughing hysterically and that’s really all that matters! So here comes our fail or oops as I referred to it. We decided no big deal we would just strip the kids down throw all there clothes in the washing machine and it would be an easy clean up! So that’s what we did and not even thinking we put in some laundry detergent because that is what you do when you put dirty clothes in the washing machine. Right!? Well there is now more soap then we know what to do with!! After 3rd rinse cycles we are still foaming. Like I said OOPS!!


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