So far

Okay so like I said before Betsi and I got this bright idea to do this internet thing lol. My goodness that makes us sound old. But here we  are giving it ago. We have our first craft video up on Youtube (our channel is CoffeeNowWineLater. dont make fun of me it was my first one!), we are tweeting on twitter (this was our biggest challenge. Did you know they only let you put so many words in your twitter post!? We have so many things to say! ), we are getting our “store” ready on Etsy (it is called HoneyBeeDesign1 , and with that being said we are getting some of the things we have already made and some new things ready for the “store”) and we are still mothers, wives and daycare providers! Hopefully everything will keep falling in line.

Here are some things from our store on Etsy!

My husband and I bought our first home in December. So we decided to have a garden this summer. So I researched and researched all winter on what to do and how to do it. The things I would need and what to grow for my area. So we live in Illinois, and we have a lot of options as far as what we can grow. I grabbed all my books I had ordered, which include every Martha Stewart gardening book I could find! (I’m a huge Martha Stewart fan) and few others I got from our local library. By the time we were ready to plant I felt like I was ready! That turned out to be a big joke! yes some of it did help but there has been ALOT of trials and errors with some success. I started out by calling to have our soil tested lucky for us they didn’t need to come out they told us for our location we should have no troubles with soil and I don’t think the soil has been a problem at all. Now the little critters yeah that’s the ones they don’t talk about. We have lots of neighborhood friends that have found our garden to be very tasty! My husband gets mad at me sometimes lol mad is a strong word to use. Lets say frustrated because out front I feed the bunnies and squirrels and random animals we have running around the neighborhood. He tells me their the ones eating on our garden but I choose to believe that they would not betray me like that :). I insist they are the animals from the other side of the tracks and we have ourself an Outsiders situation. He’s not buying it. Overall I would say our garden hasn’t done to bad for being our first one. We have zucchini that are 2 feet long and 6 inches in diameter. I promise we did not give them steroids. In fact we didn’t even fertilize, I knew I was forgetting something! Btw did you know 1 Zucchini that size will make 10 loafs of zucchini bread!? I still have 13 more zucchini in the pantry from the last pick and they have not stopped! We also have an abundant amount of tomatoes! Once again want to reiterate this was our first garden so I got a little over excited and planted 36 tomato plants (there is only two of us oh well I have enjoyed canning!) Our pepper plants have went crazy, the jalapenos seem to be getting hotter as they come in. Not sure if that’s normal. We had one cabbage plant come up and a couple heads of lettuce. We are still waiting on our Okra. My husbands from Alabama so this is a staple food in our home along with grits! (not a big fan of grits but im getting there). At least we know somethings we need to change for next year! I don’t know what were gonna do about the animals from the other side of the tracks :).

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