What to do first…

Coming up on the weekend your first reaction is, Yay that goodness it’s Friday!!!! and then you realize, I seriously have so much to do… You have all the catch up work to do that you didn’t get done during the week, the events you have already planned for the weekend and writing up that honey do list :). Oh yeah and making sure you tag everything on Pinterest and spend a minimum of one hour figuring out a new project that you are definitely going to do… well save to that board that you will eventually get to anyways!

Pinterest. Check! (well are we really ever done on Pinterest)

So your weekend has just become another short week in a sense. Yeah you dont have to go to your place of work, but you have found yourself faced with all the work you have to do at home.

So I am super excited about this weekend. On Wednesday our nephew was born! He is so cute (I may be biased, but I would definitely say one of the cutest babies ever!) Now the reason we had to wait until this weekend to see him was because of me being sick (bad timing). I just didn’t want to risk anything no matter how many antibiotics I am on. But now that a reasonable amount of time has past we get to meet him!! (pictures to follow I promise!) I’m not sure what day we will be checking in I have alot of prepping to do. The mom and dad are exhausted so I want to get a food basket together so they wont need to worry about dinner or dessert :).

Tomorrow we get to go have a little fun at a wine party! I love my wine.. For those who have never been to a wine party before I highly recommend throwing one. They are very easy, you just invite a ton of friends over and tell them to bring there favorite bottle of wine. Then you spend the night tasting all the wine people brought and vote on your favorite! Like I said its a good time!!

Sunday we have our usual routine of church at 10. But this Sunday we are heading to my moms to celebrate my nieces birthday! I love being able to celebrate a loved one with good food and family time!

Even though we have a busy weekend planned I am looking forward to it!

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