Been awhile…

so it’s been awhile since our last posting, we have been super busy!

Betsi and her husband Brandon signed up to be soccer coaches for their daughters kindergarten soccer team. Which they new nothing about so they ask Matt and I to help so now the 4 of us our soccer coaches. The kids are cute and hilarious and they all run around chasing the ball not knowing which direction to go but we are enjoying our selves!

Tomorrow starts our fall town wide garage sales which we are super excited about! We love re-purposing stuff and transforming items people deem no long useful.

Last night we had our Wednesday night class at church. The topic this month is living with less in the land of more. Its really interesting and very eye opening. I didnt really pay attention I guess you could say to the fact that this country makes it very hard not to spend more then you have. Our families want us to have more, we want people to think we have more, and society just steers us in that direction. So the class is about trying to take a step back and being continent with what we already have.

On Monday my husband Matt and I will be celebrating our very first anniversary together! He has a plan of what we are doing that day but he wont tell me. By the way I do not like surprises. I am very much a planner and I can’t plan when its a surprise. Hopefully before Monday I can get it out of him.

Anyways thats enough ranting for now talk at ya later!

Have a good day!

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