Iced coffee at home!

So for all of you coffee lovers I have finally made the perfect at home iced coffee! And I am going to share it with you! I get tired of paying $4-$7 for a yummy coffee or frapeccino.

Okay so you are going to start by getting a glass now if your like me and you love your coffee I got a big glass (16oz) 🙂 Next you are going to fill your glass with ice, from there you will need either room temperature or cold coffee. Fill the glass half way with your coffee.

This next step you can leave out if you want but I LOVE good strong coffee. So my next step was to brew 1 shot of espresso. There are two ways you can do this you can brew this in your keurig or other kind of single cup coffee brewer or you can heat up 1oz of water and add 1tsp of instant espresso powder. I used the kind in the picture below.  Like I said you can leave out this step if you want.


So once you have added the espresso you are going to fill your glass the rest of the way with half sweetened condensed milk and half whatever kind of milk you drink. And then…

are you ready for it!?…

Stir! You are done!!! Drink away! Enjoy it’s amazing!!

Side note if you want it to be a frapeccino throw it in a blender and add an additional cup of ice! Once again amazing!!


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