Sticky situation! 

So today I decided to start baking everything that was requested for our up coming trip. 

I started with the sticky buns. So this is my first time making sticky bun, mind you I do a lot of baking so I wasn’t worried I just assumed it would be like making cinnamon rolls. Which I have made many times. Well let’s just say not so much. 

Was it hard? No

Was it a long process? Yes

Was it an experience? Very much so! 

I’m not going to go into all of the details but here are a few things I experienced.

 Dotting and folding dough then rolling it out again is VERY messy! Butter was everywhere! 

When you finally do get the sticky buns to the oven part, PUT COOKIE SHEETS UNDER THE PANS!!!!! If you don’t you will be sitting in the living room and notice your glasses begin to fog. Oh no that’s not fog that’s smoke! Wait smoke!? As your running to kitchen wondering what could have happened because you still have 15 min left on your timer, you can relax the buns are not burnt! So why is there so much smoke? Well the pound of butter along with all the brown sugar has combined and is now bubbling over and sitting on the bottom of your oven burning! So what do you do grab baking soda!? Yeah sure why not couldn’t hurt right? Well let me just say it doesn’t help… at all. So now the smoke detector is going off. So before you do anything else you pull out the sticky buns. Just when you think you can do this.. the two year old has gotten up from nap and is right behind you saying I need to go potty!!! 


Okay so you run the child to the bathroom. Oh wait the smoke detector is still going off and you have a baby sleeping! Okay the two year old is on the potty back to the smoke detector. There’s no actual fire so I can just take that off the wall and out it outside so it won’t go off again! 

So now back to the buns, no okay back to the child… omg this is crazy! 

Okay get her all pulled up, hands washed and back in bed. I really need to address all the smoke! Lets open all the windows! That should do the trick!

Now back to the buns. So when you pull the sticky buns out of the oven you are supposed to immediately invert the pan ( so all the sugary buttery goodness runs through the bun… well that didn’t happen. So real quick let’s say a prayer…. and flip. Yeah nothing is happening.


I can do this. So with a twist on each bun cross our fingers and ….

Not to shabby!! 

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