Cookie time! 

So for our up coming trip, I was asked to bake somethings to take. Today I made the cookies! 

These are my favorite cookies EVER! They are chocolatey, chewy and delicious! They are my Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies!!! 

They have three different kinds of chocolate and lots of butter. Hehe you can’t go wrong with these! 

First you start off with 2 1/2 sticks of butter! Ya know just a little 😉 

Next your going to add two cups of sugar! Like I said these are delicious!! 

Then your going to attaché to paddle attachment and mix on medium speed until mixed completely. 

Once mixed your going to add two eggs. And mix on medium speed! 

Next step is to add the vanilla, sort of… so I don’t use vanilla unless it’s something that’s not getting cooked. My “vanilla” of choice is actually bourbon. Yep I said it bourbon. I just think it gives it a little more depth than vanilla. Now if you don’t have bourbon please feel free to use vanilla. So we’re going to add 1 tablespoon of bourbon and mix! 

Now on to the dry ingredients. You are just going to putt all of the dry ingredients in the bowl and mix once all are in. So we have 2 cups of flour, 3/4 cup of cocoa powder, 2 teaspoons of backing powder, and 1 pinch of salt. 

Now mix away! It should look like this..

So we have one chocolate in. Two more to add! 

In the picture above I have semi sweet chocolate chips on the left and white chocolate chips on the right. We’re gonna start by adding a cupish lol there is nothing wrong with adding a little extra chocolate 😁 to the batter and mix.

This is looking so tastey! Once mixed it should look like. 

Omg I could eat this with a spoon! So now you are going to use a cookie scoop of small spoon and scoop these out on to parchment paper lined cookie sheets. 

Okay here comes the third chocolate!! Your going to take a few white chocolate chips and press them into the cookies. 

Once done you will put them in an oven that has been preset to 350 degrees for 8 min. 

I only do 8 minutes because I love my cookies to have a little crisp around the egde and chewy in the center. If you don’t like your cookies this, first of all your nuts but you can cook them one minute longer to have a ruined cookie lol just kidding 🙂 

When they come out they should look like… 

Wait unto the cookies set a little before taking them off the cookie sheets. Once set place them on a cooling rack to cool! 

Forget that they are better warm grab as many as you can and shove them in your mouth!!! 

I hope everyone gets to try these amazing cookies! 

Comment below or send in pictures if you do! 

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