Just a few more things! 

I always forget how much I dislike packing for vacation. 

You always think you have everything and then you realize the one thing you wanted to pack you forgot or you only use half of what you pack. 

Either way if your like me it literally takes a week to pack. 

You have the obvious clothes but if it’s a place you have never been before you have no clue what to pack.  You can watch the weather, However we all know how weather can be so you pack just in case items to but them what if it is the just in case weather… better pack a few more of those items.

You have the bathroom necessities. Which you think would be pretty standard but for girls if it’s an area that’s humid you have to think about your hair. Or if the weather is dry you have to think about your skin. Omg this is rediculous. 

Do I mention shoes!? There are days your walking so you need tennishoes but if it’s not real far and it’s hot you may want flip flops. You need dress shoes, boots, the casual but cute shoes, then you have your husbands shoes…

I seriously dislike packing…

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