Lamberts yum!!!

Our first stop on our trip is the yummy Lamberts! If you have never been you need to go!

Warning to those who have never been, there is always an hour wait. DO NOT LEAVE!!! You must stay and wait it will be worth it I promise! 

The food is great southern food with all the fixings! They have endless sides and when I say sides I mean the bring 10 choices of sides to your table all the time which you can get more of at anytime!! They are known for throwing their rolls at you, don’t worry a gentle toss is more like it. 🙂

Okay so you sit down at your table and the first thing you do is tear off a paper towel and set it on the table in front of you. Why!? Because from the moment you sit down they are being you food! Next they bring these huge drinks in a mug and if you like sweet tea there’s is amazing! 

The food prices may seem a little high to some because the average meal is around $15 however these are not small portions! Everything you order is piled high on the plate plus they are constantly bring you “pass around” which includes: okra, fried taters, black eyed peas and maccaroni tomato salad. You can’t go hungry eating at lamberts! 

Did I mention you get to take your food home that you can’t finish! Trust me there are a ton of left overs and if there’s not… well you didn’t do lamberts right! 

I hope you guys get to try it!

Next stop is Fort Worth Texas! 

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