You did what!?

So yesterday I felt super lucky! One of my nieces, Kyra, came over and spent the entire day with me! 

We went out to lunch at this cute place we have in Tuscola Il called the Pantry. It’s a soup and sandwich place that is delicious! 

After lunch we went and “helped” Betsi with her Lularoe. I say “helped” but we were actually shopping lol

Then we came back to my house an re organized my kitchen cabinets. They were in desperate need! 

Finally after all that, we made cookies! Where I broke a light bulb… yeah that’s right we were making cookies and I broke a light bulb! 

Oh yeah and I heated up a drink in the microwave and I burnt it…. yeah it’s very possible to burn a drink. Don’t ever in your life hit the beverage button on a microwave!!! Seriously don’t do it! 

But after all that we did get the cookies done! 

And they were amazing!!! 

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