Lego’s and make up 

Last night I had a few of the nieces over for a slumber party! (My nephew even wanted to come)

We had so much fun playing games like Pie Face, Junk in the truck and a few other made up games! 

My youngest niece kept beating everyone at Pie Face! No stood a chance…

We did make overs and painted nails! The girls and I tried to include my nephew in the make overs but he wasn’t having any part if it! 

But he did dress up for us!! 

That’s right he is a ghost buster! The cutest ghost buster ever!! 
They enjoyed a movie and ate tons of food!!! 

I forget how much kids can eat! 

We had so much fun! Hopefully next time our other nieces can come!!!

After all the fun we had last night….

Today I am exhausted….

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