Your eating Grasshoppers!?

Went to my moms today to celebrate Christmas since she was gone for Christmas Eve. She got to go on a cruise to the Bahamas why the rest of us had to stay in Illinois in the freezing cold. 

Also my step brother was in town from South Carolina. He is a police officer down there and so he doesn’t get to come up very often. 

Although it is a great place to vacation! 

It was also a chance for us to surprise my grandparents with a new laptop!

The computer they have is 13 years old and hardly runs. You can seriously click on the Internet icon and go bake a cake in the time it takes to load the one page. No joke.

Now it will be a lot of text messages and a lot of phone calls to help them figure out how to use the laptop. My grandma is pretty smart though!

My poppy and grandma were both very excited! 

After they opened their presents we stopped our faces with food until we couldn’t squeeze any more in! LOL

When it was time to play Uno. It makes me very nervous Plano now with my grandma she’s pretty good at cheating at that game. She will never admit that but my grandma does NOT like to lose! 

We finished our day by having a family tradition of eating grasshoppers. 

No not actual grasshoppers, although we did tell me niece that we were eating real grasshoppers. 🙂


Well I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years! 

Here’s a couple more pictures from the day! 


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