I spent what!? 

So…. remember how I said we going to Champaign today fabric?


We got fabric at the first store plus a few other things! 

But see what happened was our car was possessed and it had a mind of its own. So when we got in the car after our first stop, Hobby Lobby, the car took off like a bat out of hell and drove us to Michaels and Target! We had NO control over it, like I said the car was possessed! 


Can I just tell you how much I love craft stores! People go shopping and drop a ton of money on clothes purses and shoes (I have to admit I am also one of those people) however I go into a craft store and it is game over! 

But I am also a VERY stingy person and will not buy anything with out it being in sale and I have a coupon. 

You should NEVER pay full price for anything! 

Okay so don’t forget the car is possessed and it drove us to Target… once again not our fault! 

Aren’t those lamps so cute!! 

Okay so we got more than just lamps.. 

still not our fault… okay maybe that part was our fault. 🙂 

However after all the stuff we bought between both store we did not spend more than $60. That’s right, two people at least three bags full at all three places and we spent no more than $60! 

That’s a pretty great day! Especially spending the day with my bestie! 

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