As the title says, I have been MIA for the last couple weeks.


Over the past two weeks we have done a major renovation on our master bedroom. It is still not quite done but it is looking way better.

We ripped out the carpets, trim, padding and walls. We built a new closet, laid vinyl plank flooring put in new trim and added some styling features to the room. We are not completely finished but my husband and I are so happy with how far it has come.

When we first bought our house it was a rental property, so a lot of the things in the home were done very cheap and not very well. One room at a time we have been fixing it up!

Below are the three rooms we have renovated so far…

So first up is the bedroom. In the before and after picture the before is when we first bought the house and we were doing our walk through and the people had not moved out yet… so that is not our furniture!! 🙂


during construction we found this hideous tile flooring under the carpet…

but once the floors were in we loved it!!!

finally added some furniture but wasn’t to crazy about the bedspread… so we changed it! By the way the floating nightstands are some old wine crates we had found a couple years ago. They were used in our wedding and now reside in our master bedroom.


I loved the white!


So here is the before and after… Once again none of the stuff in the before pictures were ours.


Here are a couple before and after pictures of the other two rooms we have done so far…


We have a very small bathroom but we are making it work!


Slowly we are updating all of the appliances, but we are super happy with the results so far!

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