Where do I go from here…

So I feel silly and some of you might feel the same way but I am 28 years old and have no clue what I want to do for a career. 

It’s so sad because I see people all around me doing what the love. Then I see some people who are working but hate their jobs and they are miserable. 
I don’t want to be miserable with what I do. I love crafting and cooking. I don’t know any jobs where you can do crafts all day. As far as cooking I like to cook what I want and try new things. Not like a chef but I love blogging about food. 

Here in rural Illinois there are not a lot of options for something like that.

So where do I go from here… 

I’m not sure. I know God has plan for me. My husband is so supportive and I love him so much!  He is always saying to find something that makes you happy. 

Well right now I don’t know what that is…

Only time will tell.

Does anyone else feel this way? 

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