Magazine haven!

So there are a few magazines I like to get subscriptions too. There are also a few I have tried and well not a huge fan.

I have compiled a list of a few of my favs and why! (Btw these are not in any certain order!)

First up 

There is a few things I love about this magazine. The subscription is not expensive at all and sometimes online they will have specials where you can get your first year for only $2.00 total! That’s right only $2.00 for an entire year! I like that it has a TON of recipies in it, and most of them are fairly simple and don’t include a bunch of weird things you’ve never heard of. There is also a section of the magazine called the “kitchen sink”. On these pages you can find some things that would normally have in your kitchen but with a twist. They tell you the price and where you can buy these fun little treasures! 

Next up, 

So this one is one of my absolute favorites! It is on the pricey side at $30.00 for one year subscription. However I truley enjoy this magazine. Yes it too has wonderful recipies, but it also has amazing articles! This one magazine has a travel section, home section, garden section, shopping and cooking section! Also each magazine is roughly 150 pages. So yes it may be on the pricey side but you get a lot out of this one gem! 

Next up! 

Okay so this is by far my favorite magazine! On the website you can get this magazine for $10 for one year and for $2.00 more they will send you Better Holmes and Garden! This magazine has amazing ideas, tear out recipie cards, crafts, shopping suggestions, beautiful decorating advice and much more! It’s not a super thick magazine but the magazine is 1.5 inches taller and wider than most magazines! 

The next one is…

Most people would associate their magazine for people over the age of 50. I’m here to tell you as a 28 year old woman I love this magazine! It’s about $8.00 for a year which really isn’t bad! Some of the best inspirational articles are found in this magazine, along with some lighter recipies and some great shopping finds! If your looking for a magazine you can actually read and get inspired, this is the one! 

Last but not least! 

So for this magazine, I have one question. Is your favorite tv station HGTV? If it is this is the magazine for you! It comes in at about $8 a year and features the things you love about HGTV. From the flea market finds, to repurposing stuff in your home or giving that room in your home the much needed renovation. It has step by step guides along with recommendations on where to find the great ideas in the magazine. It even includes a few recipies! 

I hope I have helped you find a magazine that works for you! If not I hope you reply with some of your favorites! 

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