Shopping day! 

Good morning! 

Betsi and I have some shopping to do this morning! We love shopping, but what girl doesn’t right!? I have a ton of coupons to our favorite craft stores, and the circulars so I can make sure we get the best deals!   

Betsi started selling Lularoe this year and turned one of the rooms in her house into a clothing store. If you don’t know what Lularoe is, you are missing out! It is a cute yet super comfortable clothing line. 

Personally I am all about comfort, so I love being able to be comfortable and cute at the same time! 

So this morning we are off to find some fabric so I can whip her up some curtains for her boutique. 

But we all know how shopping goes! You always get more then you were planning! 



Your eating Grasshoppers!?

Went to my moms today to celebrate Christmas since she was gone for Christmas Eve. She got to go on a cruise to the Bahamas why the rest of us had to stay in Illinois in the freezing cold. 

Also my step brother was in town from South Carolina. He is a police officer down there and so he doesn’t get to come up very often. 

Although it is a great place to vacation! 

It was also a chance for us to surprise my grandparents with a new laptop!

The computer they have is 13 years old and hardly runs. You can seriously click on the Internet icon and go bake a cake in the time it takes to load the one page. No joke.

Now it will be a lot of text messages and a lot of phone calls to help them figure out how to use the laptop. My grandma is pretty smart though!

My poppy and grandma were both very excited! 

After they opened their presents we stopped our faces with food until we couldn’t squeeze any more in! LOL

When it was time to play Uno. It makes me very nervous Plano now with my grandma she’s pretty good at cheating at that game. She will never admit that but my grandma does NOT like to lose! 

We finished our day by having a family tradition of eating grasshoppers. 

No not actual grasshoppers, although we did tell me niece that we were eating real grasshoppers. 🙂


Well I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years! 

Here’s a couple more pictures from the day! 


Are you Rocky!?

This morning my husband when out to our garage and heard a strange noise…

That’s never a good sign…

We new we had a squirrel in the attic so my husband put a trap out there to try and catch it. Well I thought it and it was the clearest little squirrel ever! 

He was a biter 🙂

So of course I tried to talk my husband into keeping the squirrel as a pet and name it Rocky. Turns out that’s illegal in the state of Illinois,  who knew?!

So we loaded the squirrel up in the truck and headed to My moms house in the country to let it loose. 

How ever before we headed over I took a picture and told her we got her a present! 

She didn’t think that was funny! We did! 

Well here’s Rocky! 

Lego’s and make up 

Last night I had a few of the nieces over for a slumber party! (My nephew even wanted to come)

We had so much fun playing games like Pie Face, Junk in the truck and a few other made up games! 

My youngest niece kept beating everyone at Pie Face! No stood a chance…

We did make overs and painted nails! The girls and I tried to include my nephew in the make overs but he wasn’t having any part if it! 

But he did dress up for us!! 

That’s right he is a ghost buster! The cutest ghost buster ever!! 
They enjoyed a movie and ate tons of food!!! 

I forget how much kids can eat! 

We had so much fun! Hopefully next time our other nieces can come!!!

After all the fun we had last night….

Today I am exhausted….

I feel so lucky! Today Rachel and Sophia stopped by for a visit. 

Sophia is 2 months old and the cutest thing ever! She is such a happy baby!! 

She even took a nap in my arms which melted my heart! 

I love getting my baby fix! 

Thanks Rachel for making my day!! 

You did what!?

So yesterday I felt super lucky! One of my nieces, Kyra, came over and spent the entire day with me! 

We went out to lunch at this cute place we have in Tuscola Il called the Pantry. It’s a soup and sandwich place that is delicious! 

After lunch we went and “helped” Betsi with her Lularoe. I say “helped” but we were actually shopping lol

Then we came back to my house an re organized my kitchen cabinets. They were in desperate need! 

Finally after all that, we made cookies! Where I broke a light bulb… yeah that’s right we were making cookies and I broke a light bulb! 

Oh yeah and I heated up a drink in the microwave and I burnt it…. yeah it’s very possible to burn a drink. Don’t ever in your life hit the beverage button on a microwave!!! Seriously don’t do it! 

But after all that we did get the cookies done! 

And they were amazing!!! 

It’s here!!!

Betsi’s is officially a Lularoe consultant with inventory!!! 


I was sure to be there when she was opening her boxes to snag my favs before anybody else could!!! Lol

I brought along my niece Kyra who beat me at being Betsis’ first sale….

That little stinker! 

But she did help us out a lot and even posed for a picture wearing a “Randy”

As we were going through the leggings, we discovered this little gem… can anyone tell us what animal this is!? We’re at a loss…

Make sure to contact Betsi for your Lularoe needs!! Because we all NEED new clothes! 

By the way…

I swear he called! 🙂

Good morning beautiful!!

Did you think I was talking about you!? 

Not this time! 

I’m talking about this beautiful, delicious, steamy Caramel Latte! 

I love that companies like Starbucks make it possible for you to have a yummy latte at home for $1.00 a cup! With their Starbucks Caramel Latte K-cups. It seriously taste like you walked into a Starbucks to get this drink! 

It’s amazing! 

I have had competitors brands as well including Green Mountain latte k-cups. But I have to say they don’t nearly compare to the Starbucks ones. 

Let me know if there are any you tried that you like!!

Where did the cookies go!?

Omg I forget how funny kids are, and how they can take something so simple (like ribbon from a present) and turn it into a game. 

After ripping through the presents and demolishing two pizza’s… the kids used the coffee table to run around!! 

Oh yeah they might have also ate a ton of cookies! At least I get to send them home after they are all sugared up! 😉

They crack me up! 

Don’t mind the mess. It didn’t look like that earlier!! 

Cookie say what!?

Tonight Betsi and I are getting the families together to have a belated Christmas! 

Her kids I have adopted as my nieces and nephew. I just love them so much! They really are great kids, but I might be a little biased. 😉

So our Christmas dinner tonight is Papa Murpheys pizza and chocolate chip cookies. Nothing fancy but it sure is delicious! 

They better get here soon that cookie dough is way to tempting! 

I’m sorry cookie dough… what did you say?… eat me!?…